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Smart Digital Solutions is an advanced information technology company that was founded in 2018 with the eagerness to assist small and medium enterprises on their transformation and development journey to digitalization.

Our value proposition is to provide computerized decision-making systems that help businesses in deciding the optimum courses of action in any given area within the organization.

The systems are designed to gather and analyse a massive amount of data to gather detailed information that can be used in decision-making and problem solving.

Types of Information include financial, sales or operations data and the entire process is done in a simple manner.

The systems are designed to gather data and control business information through a dashboard that assists the decision-maker in going through the process – with all its details – smoothly.

The tools that support the system include the PCs, data and applications network for the datacentre, and sensors that collect data, or IOT devices.

Our mission is to provide our clients with innovative end-to-end smart solutions that would help their business grow while reducing costs through promoting efficiency and productivity.

Businesses that choose to go for smart end-to-end solutions, can simplify their workflow by having their internal processes and connection streamlined and automated. They will no longer have to go through lengthy and costly processes to get their business running in case of technical difficulties.

Our customers’ satisfaction relies on understanding their business requirements while bearing in mind multiple aspects of business complexities and considering all possible connections in order to spot the impact of possible risks on business operations to ensure that Smart Digital Solutions is applying high-quality, professional business standards.

We help small and medium size enterprises keep an eye on technological updates and its effects on day-to-day business environment to design and develop tailored end-to-end IT solutions for each client that allows the alignment of business functions with technology needed to enable digital transformation through top-tier infrastructure management, design and support services.

Technology clearly changes personal and business environments on daily basis, which is why Smart Digital Solutions cooperates with leading technology partners to simplify business processes for employees, thus enhancing productivity while building a continuously innovative environment that holds a positive impact on business growth.

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