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Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions



Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions

1. Complete IT Infrastructures Design and Deployments

Building a robust, highly available network infrastructure equipped to support a diverse array of business applications and stimulate future growth is essential to keeping your business running smoothly. We are specialized in network architecture solutions and services with expertise in network design and implementation

2. Data Center Preparations

Complete turnkey solutions for data center preparation, starting from the design of passive infrastructure, power and cooling requirements, and redundancy and scalability sizing, extending to security and access control as well as after-sales and maintenance services. We are specialized in network architecture solutions and services with expertise in network design and implementation

3. Networking

We are partnered with top quality networking technology providers for cables, network equipment, and service providers. We do IT network equipment configuration and deployment. In addition to, hosting, cloud migration, and security testing.

4. CCTV System Design and Deployment

SDS offering the most intelligent video surveillance is the power behind the smart Camera. with the widest and most-deployed range of video analytics available today for CCTVs and smart cameras, SDS is powering the IoT revolution in smart homes/buildings, smart security, smart city, smart retail, smart auto access control design and deployments.

5. Control Room Preparations

Complete turnkey solutions for Control room preparations, including the design of furniture and ergonomics, cooling requirements, and passive infrastructure and security and access control as well as after sales maintenance services.

6. Server and Storage Architecture

SDS provides and sets up the most powerful and flexible data centre solutions for companies of all sizes, across all industries and for any type of workload. This includes industry standard servers and mission-critical systems. We offer the right combination of systems, solutions and expertise to guarantee maximum productivity, efficiency and flexibility

7. Optimization and Virtualization

Optimizing the delivery of your business services (internal or managed, on premise or cloud infrastructure services)

8. Information Security

Provides a diverse variety of products to facilitate security, and team management applications.

9. Platform Management

Act as the technical arm for lifting multiple heavy weight IT challenges while allowing our customers executives to focus on the core functions of their business.

Our flexible IT management support packages allow our clients to operate in a hustle-free environment, while saving time and effort, and only paying based on their needs.

Software Applications

1. Business Applications

We offer ERP and CRM Implementation and Consultations, e-Commerce solutions, business intelligence, enterprise application integration, application development outsourcing, resource augmentation and staffing services to global companies.

2. Portals and Intranets

We develop web portals with a main focus on user experience and compelling functionality. Our objective is to optimize your web portal to align with your business needs and increase your customer base. Our team is equipped to deliver portal solutions of a wide variety of types, scopes, and complexity. We can tackle any portal scenario from any industry. We deliver a unique experience that your employees, customers and partners are looking forward to. We have the skill set to implement portal features from different technologies, platforms and vendors whilst integrating the most advanced content management, process automation and any other needed capabilities.

3. e-Commerce Applications

Market dynamics are changing, businesses are growing and customers need more technology support to optimize their marketing channels’ effectiveness and improve their business outcomes. Setting online capabilities on track, analysing business needs and future aspirations is a must when building your e-commerce portal objectives. Our team will help you define the right track for your digital approach and build a better online experience for your business that properly handles your customers’ online requests and interactions to better improve your business strategy across your organization.

4. Mobile Application Development

The business landscape is changing; our lives are more mobile than ever. We design and build mobile applications engineered to drive growth for your brand among your customers and partners. Businesses today depend heavily on market presence and approach, connecting to your customers is mandatory to keep them informed and aware with your products, solutions, services, latest releases, news and more. Your customer’s digital experience needs to be properly addressed with a mobile-ready solution that can be developed with no delays.

5. Custom Software Development

We offer consulting services and custom designed software development with minimal stress and less cost.Our team has the know-how to empower you at every step of your project development journey, beginning with discovery to ongoing post launch enhancement. We are able to develop across multiple platforms and offer you solutions that drive your business growth and success. Our customized software development services focus on delivering solutions that are the right fit for your needs. Our commitment to quality and timely delivery makes us one of the leading software development companies in the region.

IoT Solutions

1. Smart Energy Monitoring Solutions

Hardware and software solution which is designed to monitor electrical consumption in factories and industrial applications. This solution offers comprehensive 3-phase power metering and load management tools which are pivotal to energy monitoring and cost management strategies. It integrates with existing power meters in sites and accessible through local network or Cloud for remote monitoring and control IoT smart energy meters used for the purpose of power consumption measurement for individual appliances. It is controlled remotely through Cloud for remote monitoring and control that can easily be installed onto a mobile device IOT Smart power Panels are connected solutions for managing power distribution giving electrical equipment the ability to communicate online directly providing information in real time through Cloud for Remote Monitoring and Control.

2. Remote Machine Monitoring Solutions

smart monitoring device with an embedded GSM modem designed to monitor digital and analog signals of industrial machines. This intelligent device has an ultra-compact portable design that makes it an ideal solution for industrial applications such as field device monitoring and data acquisition. Recorded data are accessible through Cloud for remote and monitoring and control.

3. Water Consumption Monitoring Solutions

This solution is a device for monitoring water consumption to help businesses in creating cost-effective and eco-friendly environment.

4. Industrial Fuel Consumption Monitoring Solutions

Industrial fuel consumption has been on the rise; therefore, we have developed this system to enable factories and manufacturers to use energy generators more efficiently.